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It’s time to get worried about your shampoo!!!

Some of us may have had the luxury of growing up with parents who read “Grass Roots” magazine and other enlightening material. If so, you may already be aware of the dangers of common household items like shampoo and soap. Yes, I’m talking about our mortal enemy, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE and it’s potential to cause CANCER. It’s in basically every household cleaning product – including those you wash your body with.

Lets look at both Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS ) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).


“Both are commonly used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to “foam up”. Both chemicals are very effective foaming agents, chemically known as surfactants.

SLES is commonly contaminated with dioxane, a known carcinogen.

Although SLES is somewhat less irritating than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, it cannot be metabolised by the liver and its effects are therefore much longer-lasting.

Products commonly found to contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLES

Children’s soaps / shampoos

Tooth paste
Washing-up liquid / dish soap
Laundry detergent
Stain Remover
Carpet Cleaner
Fabric glue
Body wash
Shave cream
Skin cleanser
Moisture lotion / Moisturiser
Sun Cream

A report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology in 1983 showed that concentrations as low as 0.5% could cause irritation and concentrations of 10-30% caused skin corrosion and severe irritation. National Institutes of Health “Household Products Directory” of chemical ingredients lists over 80 products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Some soaps have concentrations of up to 30%, which the ACT report called “highly irritating and dangerous“.

I suggest that eczema and other skin problems are caused by nasty ingredients of products we trust and may have been using all our lives.

Please click here for more disturbing information:

But then please click here for a list of SLS free products (alternatives can be found in Australia – I am currently compiling a list):

SLS-free products and Recommended product for each category

SLS-Free Soaps Natural Soap
SLS-free Shampoos Herbal shampoo 100% natural
SLS-Free Hair Colouring Natural hair colouring
SLS-free Bubble-baths Aromatherapy bath crystals
SLS-free Tooth paste Natural Toothpaste
SLS-free Washing-up liquid / dish soap Dish Soap (click “products”, then “newbrite”)
SLS-free Laundry detergent Newbrite (click “products”, then”newbrite”)
SLS-free Childrens soaps / shampoos Natural shampoo
SLS-free Body wash Natural body wash
SLS-free Shave cream His and hers shave soap
SLS-free Cosmetics Chemical-free cosmetics (Click “products”, then “Leslie Deeann Cosmetics”)
SLS-free Mouthwash Eliminator mouthwash (Clik “products” then “dental care”)
SLS-free Skin cleanser Clearskin face wash
SLS-free Moisture lotion / Moisturiser Natural Hand and body cream
SLS-free Sun Cream Tanacity / Rebound (click “products”, then”suncare”)

I personally recommend products by ALCHEMY. They are more expensive but I am happy to pay extra and not have an itchy scalp etc.

I have also heard good things about ‘Akin’ and ‘Aveda’ products.


Just because a product has the word ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ in it does not mean it is purely either of those things!!!!

E.g. Products from ‘The Body Shop’ are safe right? WRONG!! Check the ingredients!

The first ingredient listed (which means it is the single most prevalent ingredient) in Clairol’s Herbal Essences is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

While I’m on this rant, ‘The Natural Confectionary Co.’ products trumpet their claim to being “

No artificial colours, no artificial flavours and 97% fat free… but guess what? They all contain GELATIN.

“Gelatin (from French gélatine) is a translucent, colourless, brittle, nearly tasteless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals’ skin and bones.”

So, yes, it’s natural, but don’t be fooled, they are by no means good for you!

There is nothing ethical about sneaking animal by-products into kids’ lollies!