High & Dry Festival 2009

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High&Dry first happened over the 2007/08 New Year period. It was organised in just 10 days after the cancellation (due to bush fires in the area) of a major festival that many people intended to go to. The festival had been cancelled at the last minute leaving many people high and dry – and, worst of all, with no plans for celebrating the birth of the New Year.

The organisers of ‘High & Dry’ were brought together in response to this cancellation as they intended to rescue market stall holders, artists, volunteers and ticket holders from the sudden loss of this amazing event.

“With High&Dry 2009, we aim to foster the magic that allowed the last festival to happen while fine tuning all of the details and gaining all the necessary approvals to ensure that High&Dry will continue for many years to come.

The festival is run by members of figureight, Regener8 and Candid Entertainment; all Sydney-based organisations dedicated to showcasing emerging independent art and music, community based initiatives and sustainable event production. We run sound systems on Solar Power as well as providing technical skills and equipment to cultural and community groups for different events. Some other events we are involved in are: Underbelly Festival, Newtown Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, and many, many more.”

This year’s festival promises to be just as incredible and perhaps even more wonderful than the 2007/2008 lifesaver.

The festival will be held over 27-29th November in 2009 to aim for the best weather possible and will be held at Camp Wollimi, St Albans (2 hours North of Sydney- near Wiseman’s Ferry), NSW.

For details, visit the High & Dry website:

Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs at the High and Dry Festival Fundraiser 2009

Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs at the High and Dry Festival Fundraiser 2009