Photography Advice

As a photographer I often get asked for advice on the craft.

These are the links I generally recommend to people, whether starting out or honing their craft:


While the name sounds amusing, the site itself is very informative. It is a great site for checking the specs of just about any digital camera. It includes information from people who actually own & use the cameras and has handy functions like price comparison, news and reviews.



Taking a good photograph involves many skills – lots of them technical, but also a lot of creative skills. Anyone can take a photo of the beach, but how do you take a beautiful photo of the beach?

Lighting and composition are the two main factors once you have chosen the subject. There is an endless amount of information about this on the web, but I would start with ‘ACDSee’. While the software is extremely expensive, the advice is free!

You can sign up to their newsletters that contain excellent tips. Even if some of it is information you have come across before, it’s always a good thing to have a refresher.


I can personally vouch for the Photography course at West Wollongong TAFE. I also hear good things about WEA short courses.


Or if you have your own camera and are familiar with it, I offer private tutoring for outdoor photography.

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