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Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find examples of my work, both creative & professional.

As well as being a professional Photographer I have a range of  other great media skills.

For example:

  • Need a Press release? I can do that!
  • Need a Radio ad? I can do that!
  • Need to persuade companies to sponsor your project? I can create a sponsorship request package for you.

In fact, I can create media packages for any purpose.

On this site you will find examples of these and more!

I have excellent skills in writing and producing marketing copy and have had articles and photographs published in:

  • Zombie Motel -A compendium of local artists and writers
  • The Sydney Morning Herald



Reviews of all sorts of things:

* Cafes
* Delicious food
* Art Exhibitions
* Books

There is will also be information about up coming gigs in the Illawarra region (with some extending to Sydney).

If you can think of anything else you would like to see reviews about, please go to my contacts page and send me a message. I’ll get right on it!

Jessica Millman